AXIS and 15 other Slovenian investors, designers, construction and information companies and institutions related to construction processes are presenting their digital solutions at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia headquarters.


AXIS is the leading company in the digitalization of construction business processes and Construction 4.0 introduction. AXIS is one of the few companies that has been developing its own specialized software solutions XPERT for construction project management for years. Together with other exhibitors, AXIS has been proving that the Slovenian construction category is digitally well equipped and has been utilising the most advanced tools in their work. Nevertheless, there are still challenges ahead, especially in the construction’s organization, integration of complementary tools and standardization of both construction processes and data.

The presentation of Slovenian software solutions, the use of digital tools and their implementation is taking place in honour of the Slovenian Presidency to the Council of the European Union 2021. The exhibition is open until the end of December 2021. You are invited to visit it in the lobby of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry headquarters.

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