In recent years, AXIS has invested special time and resources in the development of construction investment and road infrastructure management for municipalities. AXIS has been supporting public and private organisations in the accurate, controlled and transparent management of construction investment and project management for over 20 years. By implementing its advanced software tools XPERT, XPERTopen and XPERTrdb the lives and mobility of all users are improved on a daily basis.  

We have developed a track record of excellent cooperation with many municipalities (more than 90). Still, in this article, we would like to highlight the Municipality of Kranj, where our cooperation is exemplary and reciprocally beneficial. 

Construction Investments  

For many years now we have been successfully and efficiently cooperating with the Municipality of Kranj on major and some smaller investment projects. We have set up the XPERT environment and provided engineering consulting to ensure proper project management control. This usually involves IT-based financial and schedule monitoring of investment projects, coordination, implementation and monitoring of processes which enable us to meet the objectives of the project investment plan.  

The use of a project portal has become a standard. It is designed to store electronic project documentation, facilitate effective communication between all project participants (investor-supervisor-contractor) and ensure transparency in the implementation phase. With our IT support, we ensure the implementation of the basic principles of project management and cost engineering. The implementation is conditional on the timely detection of financial and schedule deviations. This enables the investor and other stakeholders to react in time and take effective action to implement projects following the set objectives.   

Management of Municipal Road Infrastructure  

The Municipality of Kranj thoroughly and diligently implements the statutory obligation to maintain the prescribed reference system of municipal public roads, as laid down in the Categorisation Ordinance and the digital road axis. To manage roads effectively, we spend a great deal of time and resources on collecting and managing road data, which enables us to plan and maintain such a large and spatially dispersed infrastructure.  

Based on many years of experience and relevant references, the AXIS team has established excellent cooperation with Kranj Municipality, which is reflected in the ongoing alignment with the actual situation on the ground and under the current Ordinance in line with the status of the road bank data and public infrastructure register. 

Marko Majerič, M. C.E., Project Head of Road Infrastructure Management at AXIS, has been working with the Municipality of Kranj for many years. He summarised his impressions as below: “Over the years, we have established a friendly work culture which is made possible by the competent and dedicated support of all partners and colleagues at the Municipality of Kranj. Their concern for the well-being of all citizens enables us to jointly plan, implement and maintain this extensive road infrastructure. It is a real pleasure to work and cooperate with them, as this is how we deliver on our mission and commitment to quality, transparency and a better life for our users on a day-to-day basis.”

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