Co-creating the future of construction in Industry 4.0 

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ABOUT AXIS d.o.o. 

AXIS is a highly specialized company that brings together a team of top construction and infor-mation technology experts. We offer highly professional services and advanced software for integrated construction management and road assets management.


We provide top expert consulting, highly effective software solutions and a unique construction Knowledge Base to public and private organizations creating long-term partnerships and mutual trust.

Company  Profile 

Full company name:
AXIS, Projektne IT rešitve in storitve, d.o.o.
Short company name:
AXIS, d.o.o.
Business address:
Tehnološki park 19
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone number:
+ 386 (0)1 620 46 51
Fax number:
+ 386 (0)1 620 46 50
Registration number:
Tax number:
Date of establishment:
Founding capital:
8.764,6 €
Bank account:
02036-0253365117 pri NLB d.d.


17years of experience in Slovenia and abroad
200+satisfied customers
600+izvedenih projektov


We are creating software tools and developing services for Industry 4.0 in the construction in-dustry. We are co-creating and instituting standards, digitizing data, building and upgrading a unique construction Knowledge Base. We are streamlining processes, creating cultures of effec-tive collaboration, enabling management of construction industry processes, establishing effec-tive control, transparency and project stakeholder reporting.
With an advanced approach to project management, we empower cooperation and trust among all stakeholders. With our own, in-house developed software tools; XPERT, XPERTopen and XPERTrdb, we vertically and horizontally integrate construction project planning, prepara-tion and implementation processes. We synchronize stakeholders’ interests to increase projects’ effectiveness and final success. Using our unique systematic approach and parametrical think-ing, we are ready to meet the challenges of large-scale infrastructure projects, project portfolio management or individual construction projects.


We support and empower public and private organizations in using accurate, controlled and transparent construction investment and project management practices by applying our ad-vanced software tools: XPERT, XPERTopen and XPERTrdb. We are dedicated to achieving sustaina-ble design, construction and management of infrastructure and facilities, which improve daily lives and mobility for all users


We embed our values into all services and software solutions we have been developing over many years of operation. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge. Research and develop-ment commitment help us grow and improve our business, which we generously share with our clients and partners. We are committed to building our common future in Construction 4.0.
Professional, innovative, different, trustworthy and responsible, we proudly co-create sustaina-ble planning, quality construction and comprehensive management of infrastructure projects.
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