Viewing attributed items of BIM models, made in IFC, is enabled via powerful and free BimVision software developed by our partner company. BIMVision ensures
3D plans analysis and resolves possible discrepancies in a timely manner.

Bill of Quantities and Takeoff

The BoQ item takeoff will be easy, accurate and automated once you use the right classification model. The exact amount of resources required for construction will be the basis for an accurate cost estimation of the investment.

Cost evaluation

Viewing data in 3D gives you a go-od perception of the facility and helps you choose the right construction technologies, which define other important parame-ters in cost estimation and consequently the final facility cost.


Work scheduling defines project’s financial flow. By connecting schedules and the BIM model, the construction is visualized, allowing the contractor to control the scheduling and the client to see a visual representation of the project execution.


The automated transfer of BoQ item takeoff from the BIM model to the electronic ledger and the preparation of accounting situations is an example of successful process digitization and electronic business operations in the construction industry.


Managing change is one of the most challenging tasks in a construction project. Using BIM model makes change management faster and change effect analysis significantly more credible.

From BIM Level 2 to BIM Level 3

Applying our advanced IT solutions and investment management techniques.

BIM in Cost Management:

  • Visualisation
  • Clash detection
  • BoQs
  • Quantity takeoff
  • Change management

From BIM Level 2 to BIM Level 3

Applying our advanced IT solutions and investment management techniques, we go beyond the required BIM Level 2 functionalities. By successfully integrating systems, data, investment processes and project communication into common information environment, we offer BIM Level 3 solutions that are systemically and holistically integrated in the facility’s lifecycle.

CDE – Common Data Environment
By connecting XPERT, MS Project Server and MS SharePoint, we are creating a common data environment (CDE) for seamless teamwork of all project participants with controlled and supervised workflow.