At AXIS, we have been developing long-term relationships with our partners for years. We are sharing knowledge, experiences and work hand-in-hand to develop advanced software solutions for comprehensive project and cost management in construction. We are especially proud of cooperation since 2017 with DATACOMP SP. company from Poland, a successful BIM software developer.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has recently been recognized as a progressive approach to integrated construction project development and project portfolio management. At AXIS, we have been simultaneously building an impressive number of case studies that demonstrate and prove the BIM approach works effectively with the XBASE application – the first digital construction knowledge base in Slovenia and other AXIS software tools XPERT, XPERTrdb and XPERTopen. Let us emphasize that XPERTopen is a new customized XPERT software solution which will be introduced to the Slovenian market, the SEE region and Europe in the near future.

AXIS software entirely fulfils the required BIM Level 2 functionalities. By successfully integrating systems, data, investment processes and project communication, we are establishing common data environment (CDE) and moving closer to BIM Level 3, thus systemically and completely integrated it into the building and infrastructure lifecycle. By integrating BIMVision of DATACOMP SP. Poland into our key software XPERT and XPERTopen, we provide a common data environment (CDE) for teamwork on construction projects with controlled user access to data and smooth project processes workflow.

We remain dedicated to success, efficiency and control in building sustainable construction and infrastructure planning and facilities management that improve daily lives and mobility for all users.

Comprehensive Construction Activities and Processes

〡Bill of Quantities〡Quantity Takeoff〡Cost Estimation〡Planing〡Scheduling〡Accounting〡Changes〡Risks〡Control〡Tracking〡Supervison〡Operation〡

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