XBASE – First Digital Construction Knowledge Base

  • Integrated expertise from specialized areas of cost engineering (earthworks, concrete work, mechanical and electrical installations, etc.).
  • Standardization and methodical classification of elements.
  • Data on resources (materials, products, labour, machinery), norms and standard technologies.
  • Parameterization of BoQs and norms of individual work procedures.


Start actively manage your construction projects!



Effective management of Big Data directs systematic, organized, and methodical classification. XBASE introduces two types of classifications: XBASE own classification and the international OmniClass classification.


Resources and Norms Standardization

Resource and norms bases represent the basic building blocks of any BoQ item evaluation. Norms can be parameterized and resources linked to the supplier base.


BoQ Item Standardization

Introducing a unique model of BoQ item standardization following the parameterization principle. The particular added value of the model is easy maintenance and documentation of standard parameters.


Executed Projects Database

Each executed project completed in our software environment represents a knowledge base for future projects. Use our analytical tools to examine the entire project portfolio and calibrate your norms.

The first and most comprehensive Knowledge Base in Slovenia and the region.

We analyze, systemize, standardize and technically document construction.

Data logic, accuracy and easy use of the Knowledge Base ensure effective and professional work.

We add meaning and value to construction data!