We offer education in cost engineering and construction project management. You will gain key knowledge on drafting BoQs, investment evaluation procedures, ie. construction estimations, bid preparation, organization of tendering procedures, setting up of project control and other investment procedures.


We offer training and onboarding to all users of our construction management software. You can complement, renew, or upgrade your existing knowledge or learn about new functionalities. The training is tailored to specific content areas and your interest: project management, road infrastructure management or designed to fully understand the usability of our tools.

Project Cost Audits

Verification of plans, BoQs and estimated values are the elemental activities of efficient cost management. Our professional team, unique Knowledge Base and information support, are ready to assist you in critically evaluating the BoQs, bids or project costs.

Project Organization

XPERT is an excellent information solution offering different paths to the same destination. We help you choose the right path and apply it into your project environment. By selecting the right project management model, we establish the scheduling and financial control and facilitate user introduction into the XPERT environment.

Expert Services

Do you need a full overview of the project’s progress, detect possible conflict areas, but do not know where to start? We conduct a forensic investigation by analyzing project documentation, eventual deviations, identify responsibilities and provide you with an expert opinion.

Research and Development

The Axis R&D team, which is also registered with the Slovenian Research Agency, is constantly utilizing the latest knowledge, opportunities and achievements in construction, management, economics and informatics. Seize the opportunity and participate in our R&D projects. Send us a note!

Supporting you in all areas for a successful implementation of construction projects.