Questions to answer before choosing the appropriate project management IT solution

Acquisition and implementation of a project management IT solution requires a thoughtful decision process. Selecting the right solution can decidedly increase your company’s competitive advantage in the long run. An inappropriate decision or misguided approach to implementation, can slow down the company’s development and result in unnecessary costs on the other hand. Take enough time to analyze your needs, then try to answer the following questions:


  • Will the solution provide key information for educated project decisions?
  • Do you want the solution to govern and manage all stakeholders (contractors, co-contractors, subcontractors) on the project?
  • Is the solution provider already established and recognized in the field?
  • Does the solution include all data that are mandatory for your successful work (sources, norms, BoQs standardization)?
  • Does the provider offer content training and is it qualified within your field of work?


  • Is the solution well established and reliable?
  • Does the solution support the challenges you are experiencing in your industry?
  • Will the solution modernize your business operation and management of your projects?
  • Does the provider offer technical assistance and support?
  • Does the provider enable the development of further functionalities, analyses and tailor-made reports?
  • Will the solution facilitate your work processes in the long run?
  • Do you require transparency in project management?

System Architecture

  • Does the environment enable project management and monitoring in real-time?
  • Does the system allow integration into other solutions?
  • Can the solution be easily integrated into established and standard solutions (MS Project, SharePoint, Office 365)?
  • Does the solution enable teamwork on a project within and outside the company?
  • Do you need an online (multi-user) or stand-alone solution?


  • Does the solution enable monitoring and accountability?
  • What is required for the smooth system operation (software and hardware)?
  • Do you need mobile access to individual content or project analytics?
  • Does the solution allow the transfer of your existing data into a new environment?

The answers to the above questions are crucial in finding and ranking the right solution!


Adjusted to users’ various wishes and needs


Adjusted to users’ various wishes and needs


The final price depends on the size of the project environment, the number of licenses, the predicted integrations and the scope of the deployment IS in your environment.