This large and complex investment “Drinking Water Supply in the Upper Sava River Area – 2nd lot” is providing the inhabitants of five municipalities, namely Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Komenda, Šenčur, Vodice and partly Kranj with a safe and high-quality water supply in the long term. Within the inter-municipal project, our AXIS company cooperated with the XPERT IT environment support for the financial and schedule monitoring of the investment project.   

Goals and Purpose of the Drinking Water Supply Project   

The existing water supply system in the 5 municipalities was outdated and no longer provided a quality water supply. Due to its construction some 70 years ago, frequent breakdowns occurred due to the ageing of the water supply system and the use of poor-quality materials. As a result, water was wasted unnecessarily, the supply was disrupted and, in the event of heavy rain, the water would become muddy.   

The investment in the “Drinking Water Supply in the Upper Sava River Area – 2nd lot” included more than 24 km pipeline system, the development of the Krvavec water intake, the construction of a modern drinking water treatment facility with ultrafiltration, a new Taber water storage tank in village Šmartno and the development of 10 water supply hubs. The modern inter-municipal water supply system will ensure the continuity of water supply for almost 30,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem, part of the municipality of Kranj, part of the municipality of Šenčur, the municipality of Komenda and the municipality of Vodice.   

IT Support with the XPERT environment   

Cooperation with the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem based for financial and schedule monitoring of the investment project” within “Drinking Water Supply in the Upper Sava River Area – 2nd lot ” took place in two key areas. First step was the implementation of the XPERT information system what includes; training of stakeholders (users of client, contractor, supervisor) in the XPERT IS, setting up and maintenance of the project documents and information, systematisation of bill of quantities (BoQ), i.e. accounting of performed work, production of monthly statements, payment monitoring, management of claims and annexes. Along with the organizaton of monitoring and schedule monitoring of the projects activities we also established WEB project portal for stakeholders’ communication, access to data and project documentation.   

Second part of client-AXIS cooperation included technical support and setting up the project XPERT IS environment (documents, contracts, estimates, data, project structures etc.). Due to project development AXIS advising to the client on the process of integrating external participants (engineers, supervisor, co-investor, etc.), took care about IT administration (adding users and defining rights) and preparation of regular monthly reports on the financial and scheduled progress based on the use of the analytical tools in XPERT IS. Detection of unpredictable events and possible deviations versus the investment study and contractual documents. Monitoring the project’s schedule and financial progress was one of the most important issues of the client-AXIS cooperation and includes works progress, financial consequences on works execution, informing the client in the event of deviations from the contractual schedule or financial plan. 

The investment is sustainable and addresses the challenge of providing drinking water for todays and future generations. The project will significantly contribute to reducing negative environmental impacts, facilitate a better quality of life and open opportunities for further economic development in the area. 


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