AXIS products


XPERT is a project information system for managing a portfolio of construction and infrastructure projects. It is devised for management and business operations at all stages of the investment process and for all stakeholders. It designed to meet the challenges when managing individual major projects or numerous smaller projects.


XPERTopen is a standalone product and the XPERT’s customized/tailored solution introducing a new business model. It features simplified use, access to XBASE Knowledge data, standardized documents exchange and free use of the e-bids preparation.


XPERTrdb is an information solution for managing road and related infrastructure data with an integrated graphical data visualization viewer (GIS). It is a modern cloud-based solution and a powerful analytical tool for road managers.

Integrated products

Are you deliberating which system best suits your needs and challenges?

˝Upon using the AXIS software tools and cooperating with AXIS experts, we have saved a significant amount of money that could have been lost through unnecessary annexes to contracts. The projects were supervised at all times, and the construction process was being rationalized during its implementation; weekly coordination and monthly reporting at the municipal councils ensured complete transparency.˝


Ivan Kenda, Kamnik Municipality

CERP – Construction Enterprise Resource Planning 

Compatible, integrated, comprehensive.

CERP is an information solution for the construction industry integrated with project management software (MS Project), team collaboration software (MS SharePoint), possibility to introduce IFC BIM digital project models (BIM Vision), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and software suite (MS Office).

A comprehensive solution for project portfolio management

Information System + Knowledge Base + Team = Key to Success.

XPERT is a comprehensive information solution supporting safe and successful construction of facilities and infrastructure. Your construction process will be simplified, and all project stakeholders integrated into an effective organization that will keep the project implementation under control and within the planned framework.

Key advantages: 

  • Integrated approach to managing investment projects
  • Independence from the company's organizational structure or project
  • Participation of all project stakeholders in common information environment
  • Managing costs and changes at all stages of an investment project
  • Setting realistic project goals nad business plans
  • Sophisticated reporting system
  • Effective project control systemPodpora odločanju na vseh nivojih vodenja: delovodja → vodja gradbišča → vodja projekta → projektno vodstvo → kontroling → uprava
  • Decision support at all management levels: foreman → construction site manager → project manager → project management → controlling → management/board
  • Project portfolio management

Simple, powerful and easily accessible solution

Standardized BoQs, digital data sharing and e-bids.  

XPERTopen is a customized, easy-to-use and affordable XPERT solution that will soon support the entire investment process. You can currently create quality content and technical BoQs, prepare and submit bids based on e-BoQs, or exchange documents in electronic and standard form.

  • Comprehensive approach to BoQs creation
  • Affordable use of standardized XBASE BoQs
  • Creating bids based on imported e-BoQs
  • Submission of defined e-bids
  • Controlled exchange of e-BoQs and e-bids in standard format
  • Preset BoQs and quotes printouts
  • Use of demo examples to learn about the XPERTopen usability and functionality

Road and associated infrastructure management

Use organized digital data for better management decisions and greater benefits for infrastructure users.

XPERTrdb information system is an advanced tool that provides an efficient road infrastructure management, safer roads for end users and higher level of services. XPERTrdb has been used by various stakeholders in the management of 700 km of motorways and over 10,000 km of municipal roads in the Republic of Slovenia, as well as more than 500 km of national roads in the Republic of North Macedonia.

  • Modern web and cloud-based solution
  • Modular structure - Road Data Bank, traffic signalization, public lighting, etc.
  • Integrated Road Reference System
  • Effective change history tracking
  • Dynamic structure for adding new content
  • Relational database for advanced analytical capabilities
  • Integration to HDM-4
  • Certified product for municipality road management
  • Integrated graphical viewer as internal GIS

Integrated products

Simple, transparent and efficient  


Areas of BIM application

(cost review):  

  • BIM (IFC) model visualization
  • Quantities takeoff automation
  • Clash Detection
  • IM Changes

For seamless BIM environment operation, we recommend downloading the following files:

  • Quantities takeoff automation
    The plugin allows you to produce advanced reports and export them in Excel format.
  • BIM Changes
    Allows you to compare two objects in a model and overview the differences.
  • Clash Detection
    Plugin for detecting geometric conflicts in the IFC model.

Office 365 

We take advantage of standard solutions and upgrade them with a vertical solution: 

  • Integration to MS Project Planning
  • Data analytics from schedules
  • Project Web portals (content, protocols)
  • Key Performance Indicators (Cost and Time)
  • Data exchange, XLS export / import


We can integrate data into any ERP system: 

  • Business partners
  • Cost carriers Cost driver
  • Material business material commerce
  • Actual project costs
  • Actual payments