AXIS and partners successfully implemented the Road Asset Management System (RAMS-RDB) for the Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR) in the Republic of North Macedonia, initiated in 2017. AXIS team and partners now continue with the Maintenance of the existing RAMS-RDB system are preparing Upgrades in managing bridging facilities and records of road network reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. The 2-year contract was signed in June 2022. AXIS joined forces with Igea Holding and Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG).

AXIS carried out extensive work as part of the Implementation of the Road Asset Management System (RAMS-RDB) and completed the project. The main goals of the PESR included: the collection of road condition data, road network assessment, and inception of strategic and programmatic analysis enabling the preparation of continuous 3-year road maintenance and rehabilitation programs.

AXIS established a database of roads data with the adoption of XPERTrdb information system, upgraded with the data management application – Road Data Bank (RDB). Furthermore, the WEB GIS module for the graphic presentation of road data was implemented by Igea Holding, directly integrating data with Road Data Bank (RDB) based on the new road reference system (RRS) for state roads. In addition, the established RAMS Information Web Portal now serves as a common entry point with all information, news and metadata.

We reviewed all existing digital road data, transformed it into the new road reference system (RRS) and established it in RDB. We carried out measurements with Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) to collect data on state-of-the-road structure along with the weight of vehicles in motion measured on the entire state road network {4384 km}. The last step in RAMS establishment and state-of-the-road network assessment was made using HDM-4. Consequently, the first strategic analysis was completed, enabling continuous three-year road maintenance programs.

Maintenance and Upgrade of the RAMS Project by Developing New Modules

Maintenance of the RAMS system

We continually provide PESR with regular monitoring of the software solution’s operation, as well as diagnostics of the system’s current state, i.e. identifying all possible technical and system problems and proactively solving them. At the same time, we measure, record, analyse relevant parameters to take appropriate measures  and to ensure optimal and reliable operation of the RAMS- RDB software solution.

Bridge Data Management Module

Together with PESR, AXIS and its partners will introduce a bridge data collection, maintenance and management system (RAMS-BDB) within ongoing upgrades, which will support all bridge management activities such as; field data collection, management of collected data, preparation of models for predicting the condition of bridges and intervention bridge maintenance planning.

Basic reference data on all state road bridges will be collected in the RAMS-BDB and will include a unique code bridge list, name and type of bridge, location and basic technical parameters on bridging structures (material, bridge type, length, width, height, etc.). Data on the bridge’s state will be obtained through field data collection and will be determined by a special public procurement, which the World Bank will finance. The bridge condition assessment methodology will define the data content, and the data on the bridge conditions will be collected in the field within timely predicted slots. Analytical data for bridges, which include data on the forecasted state and planned bridge maintenance activities, will be obtained via a special computer system, which is currently in the public procurement phase and is predicted to serve the analytical processes of bridge state forecasting and maintenance planning.

Upgrade with Road Works Data Management Module

The module for managing data on road works (reconstruction, rehabilitation, maintenance) will be implemented in 2023. It will complement the use of the RAMS system by managing detailed technical and scheduling data on the construction, reconstruction and other works on state roads. The PESR’s end users will be, within the integrated RAMS system, able to prepare road maintenance programs based on accurate and timely updated data on works on state roads that take place every year.

AXIS is proud of the work done and looks forward to participating in the digitalisation of road asset management in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Source: Wikipedia

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