1st Macedonian Road Congress, November 2019

AXIS participated at the First Macedonian Roads Congress, which took place in Skopje, 7-8 November 2019. The AXIS team presented the successful implementation of the national road management information system and voiced a call for the urgent digitization of construction processes.

The Republic of Northern Macedonia is currently facing a major road infrastructure investment cycle in the amount of over 1 billion EUR. The investment cycle encompasses the construction of two highways, several expressways and regional roads. The planning, construction, execution, management of the new projects, as well as maintenance of the existing road network will represent a pivotal investment and engineering challenge.

AXIS, in cooperation with a consortium of two Slovenian and a Finnish company, won the international tender in July 2018, and successfully completed the »Procurement of the RAMS Software, Road Measurements and Consultancy Services«, which is currently continued with the system maintenance and consultancy on the national roads management in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

The first road congress of its kind in the Republic of Northern Macedonia brought together local and international experts to discuss the design, construction, management and maintenance of road infrastructure, associated facilities, road safety, traffic policy, financing, environmental protection and sustainable development. AXIS offered its expertise in the construction digitization section with 2 contributions »Digitization of Investment Processes in Public Infrastructure« and »Standardization of BoQs in Slovenia«.

The construction industry in SE Europe, as well as in Slovenia, is recognizing the demands and challenges of the construction industry and road infrastructure, as well as the key responsibilities that await present and future generations of civil engineers and IT professionals. Design and construction based on the latest scientific and technical expertise, implementation of modern materials and technologies, mandatory control and supervision are key.

Bojan Strah, AXIS Director and Partner: “AXIS has been creating advanced software tools and high-quality construction services for almost 20 years now. Our expertise and legacy of co-designing, setting of construction standards, building a unique digital database, streamlining processes, establishing cooperation, transparency and effective control in Slovenia have now been recognized and implemented in the SE region. We are honoured and proud to be able to share our mission and commitment to sustainable planning, quality construction and integrated management of infrastructure projects to a wider stakeholder audience. ”

Access the articles that will be published upon the First Macedonian Road Congress conclusion in the scientific-professional journal »Roads« by using the links below.

  1. Implementation of Road Asset Management System for the Public Enterprise for State Roads in North Macedonia
  2. Digitization of Investment Processes in Public Infrastructure
  3. Standardization of BoQs in Slovenia

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